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Lorne & Delane Sleem

Hi, we're Lorne and Delane, the author and artist behind ‘My Little Red Wellies.’

We met each other at Barnes and Noble and since we started dating we’ve dreamed of creating a Children’s book together. We've worked on many ideas

together, but this is the first one that we've worked towards self publishing and we're very excited to share it with you.

Lorne is from England. He graduated from Brigham Young University as an art director and now runs a small creative studio from home, where he specializes in branding and photography. 

Delane is from America. She is a self taught artist and loves to paint with oils. Delane has intractable epilepsy which means she has uncontrollable seizures, and has them every day, because of this she wasn’t able to finish school, but instead pursued her passion for art from home. 

We live together in Utah with our son, who was the inspiration for this book. We recently self published our book and it is now available to order!


Thank you for your support!



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